Clinical Trial for PTSD- Trying to understand the brain signals that predict symptomatic episodes in PTSD.

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Our own Dr. Ann Hoffman contributes time to the Veterans Yoga Project

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The Science Show with Robyn Williams interviews Dr. Fanselow on how opioids are great for pain, but can bring on detrimental effects of anxiety

32nd Winter Conference on Neural Plasticity

Scientists differ greatly on the views of just what fear is. Read more

Check out our lab’s latest preprint on “A peptidergic amygdala microcircuit modulates sexually dimorphic contextual fear”

Dr. Fanselow Keynote Session Speaker at the Gordon Research Conference on Predator-Prey Interactions

Bringing it back: modified open field task with light gradient.

Chronic opioid treatment may raise risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, study finds

Dr. Abha Rajbhandari was awarded the 2019 Arimura Young investigator award by the Akira Arimura Foundation

UCLA team finds that the brain processes fear differently after injury.